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Have a Look at Our Equipment

We give particular attention to the disposition of the components in our equipment. In doing so we try to minimize wire-crossing between power and control. For this reason we always leave some empty space for possible changes. The internal structure is not only visibly linear but is also well-refined and well-thought in order of wiring execution or SOE (sequence of events).

Redundant Safety

For us, safety is never enough, and for this reason in each equipment we place a signaling system in case of tension and we create some transparent polyvinyl chloride shields which eliminate the probability of accidental contacts.

Ergonomic Planning

The general switch is assembled on rises so it is nearer to the door in order to avoid oscillations of the rod. The terminal boards are divided into groups and placed so as to simplify the connection between the plant and the machine edge (if it is necessary with multi-polar connectors).

Quality Control

Once the electrical equipment is realized, our production responsible test it both with insulation electrical tests and with dielectric and equipotential rigidity tests. Then, we give particular attention to the emergence circuit test.

Certification and Conformity

All of our electrical equipments are built in accordance with the EN60204-1 regulation and the low tension directive; on demand we are able to build electrical equipments certified with American UL and Canadian CSA. During the years we have also built equipments and plants for Tropical States therefore subject to considerable temperature range.