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Sviluppo Software

We develope and release specialized software for industry

We develop software for the major PLC manufacturers, including:

Siemens (Step 5, Step 7), MicroWIN, Allen-Bradley.

We also configure axis cards, cams, cameras, counter, weight control and much more.


Our experience

All the drives from the main brands such as Siemens, Control Techniques.

We can offer a complete package for every expectations with the use of applications and process visualization.

As supervisory software we use FIX, WinnCC, ProTool Pro

Thanks to them we can have a 360 degree management system, starting from the operator's control, to the monitoring, to the supervisry management  up to the consultation via the Internet, therefor a real time system of working plant. With the significant advantage of:

  1.       Do not install any type of computer application
  2.       Use your web browser
  3.       Easy to use
  4.       Maximum application versatility
  5.       Visualization and animation of alarms, e-signatures and trends

In other words, we give you the opportunity to make the system an active, integrated and available part  for your company, even if you are not in the factory.

     Some applications we developed


  •      Operation of control diameters
  •      Management of thermoregulation
  •      Dosing silos control
  •      Management and control of extrusion lines, calendering and lamination
  •      Management and control of overhead cranes
  •      Management and production control glasses, bottles, vials (glass)
  •      Management and control of machines for sheet metal
  •      Management and size control via camera