Action Fields



We have achieved a considerable experience in this sector with extrusion lines and with vulcanization of the tube and profiles, both in rubber and in silicone rubber of any diameter and futhermore with the laser control on the final product. Elettromeccanica Cattaneo S.r.l. has won a big challenge,that is, the realization of a totally  automatic department for the production of tubes. The result achieved has been the 30% reduction in the production costs. There are other examples of our work: plants of granule production of plastic materials in which big powers have been installed. Blown lines for the production of films for shopping bags. Eight-layers plants for the production of films dedicated to the food sector and ensilage distribution granules dosage; everything managed from a computer which has the recipes for the production.

Packaging Sector

We have developed systems for the production of corrugated board boxes completed with multicoloured prints, slotter and stapling machine. Production lines of containers for liquid substances of every thickness.

Food Sector

Automatic equipments to control grape must fermentation and the osmosis process for the production of wines and sparkling wine.

Glass Sector

We have specialized a lot in this field, above all the plants automation for the production of vials and bottles, and in  production lines of tiles and production lines of high tension insulators. Moreover we handle stem glasses welding with a size control camera. 

Machine Tool Sector

For what  concern the machines tools sector we have operated on automatic lines for the punching, drilling, marking, shearing,for plate and angle irons of every thickness. Moreover we have been working in automatic band saws, in automatic lines for thermal cut,in electric equipments for CNC boring mills of big or small sizes. In the lamination sector we have been working in electric equipments called Power Centre which provide a controlled-starting of big engines.

Special machines such as:

Eight-position working centre for meshes manufacturing for earth moving equipment. 

Induction machine for the thrust ball bearing temper.